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Harrison, John

Lancaster. Named in the Gillow records between 1791–1824, including work on a fishing stool. [Westminster Ref. Lib., Gillow vol. 344/96, p. 889]

Harrison, Samuel (1820–32)

Declared bankrupt in association with Frederick Graham, London Gazette, 2 March 1832. [D]

Haughton, George (before 1775)

Advertised in Penn'a Packet, 30 January 1775 that he was ‘Lately from London’ and ‘has taken a house in Secondstreet … where he proposes to follow the Upholstery business in all its various branches. As he has had the…

Heasman, Henry snr and jnr (1687–1750)

Heasman snr traded in the Great Piazza, Covent Gdn, 1712–50. Took apps named James Gronous until 1700; Robert Cox, 1708–19; his son, Henry Heasman jnr 5 March 1710 to his freedom by servitude, 3 April 1728; and William Light in 1718.…

Hervé, François (1781–96)

While François Hervé is known to have worked for the most fashionable and fastidious patrons, such as the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Devonshire and Earl Spencer, he still remains a shadowy figure. His name is virtually absent from the London directories…

Hetl(e)y, Thomas (1709–16)

Took out Hand in Hand Insurance policies on 29 April 1709 and April 1716 for £225 on his house; and a Sun policy on 7 July 1716 on goods and merchandise in his house. [GL, Hand in Hand MS vol. 7, ref. 2676; vol. 15, p. 621; GL, Sun MS vol. 5, ref. 6964]…


—, address unrecorded. Stamp found on elm joint stool with rectangular top on turned columnar legs and H-shaped stretcher. [Christie's, 12 June 1980, lot 128]


—, address unrecorded. In March 1725 supplied Sir John Chester with ‘Chairs & Stooles for ye Gt. Parlour’, costing £34, for Chicheley Hall, Bucks. [Bucks. RO, ref. D/C/ 3/ii)]

Hodson, Robert (1712–24)

Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 25 March 1712 on his goods; and a Hand in Hand policy for £250 on his house on 11 July 1716. On 27 May 1719 insured goods and merchandise in his house with the Sun Co. A note added to this policy on 31 August 1723 stated…

Hües, Michel (1703)

Rendered an account for £56 3s 10d to the 2nd Duke of Bedford for making and gilding armchairs, chairs, stools and walnut mouldings. [Bedford Office, London] Possibly: