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Dudley, John (1818–23)


Duncombe, Richard (1772–85)

Supplied furniture to Croome Court, Worcs., including in 1775 a mahogany night table and reading desk, costing £2 18s 6d, a mahogany folding table, £2 9s, and a wardrobe and camp table, £14 5s. In 1778 he charged £3 12s for…

Dunning, James (1746)

Receipt dated 15 September 1746 for a chest and desk ‘and all demands’, totalling £10 10s, submitted to Mr West for Alscot Park, Warks. [V & A archives]

Edmundson, Richard (1779–1839)

Admitted freeman of Lancaster, 1779–80, when stated ‘of Liverpool’, and polled at Lancaster in 1784. Addresses given in partnership with Robert Edmundson at Castle Ditch in 1781; as Edmundson & Fayrer at 26 Castle Ditch, 1785–91; as Edmundson, Fayrer…

Edwards, Thomas (1839)

[D] See David Edwards.

Elvey, Elizabeth (1806–24)

Trade card [Johnson Coll., Bodleian Lib., Oxf.] gives above details, and a directory of 1808 adds HRH the Duke of Sussex to her patrons. J. and E. Elvey supplied items for Hatfield House, Herts. in 1806: J. Elvey, two pocket books on 25 July; and E. Elvey…

Eyre, William (1820)


Fallshaw, John F (1839)


Faraday, Robert (1838–40)

Worked at Buckingham Palace, 1838–40, repairing music tables, desks, candelabra etc. [PRO, LC11/101 and 110]

Fawkes, John (1754–57)

Advertised in Oxford Gazette and Reading Mercury, 29 April and 3 June 1754; and on 2 May 1757 that he ‘has continually fresh Goods coming in of the best of every Sort, being resolved to keep great Choice, and to supply his Customers as cheap as they can…